School again, but different this time

So I attended a new faculty orientation today and was bombarded by information. I also attended a college retreat last week and was bombarded with emotion and had a meeting with HR to get bombarded with paperwork. I'm super excited about my new job. I do so wish that I was done with my dissertation so I could really throw all my energy into the new job. But that's life, it's not always perfect. I will absolutely see it through though, no question. Mark my words, I will finish.

I do have sort of a question to put out there. Is tenure worth it? Today they gave us the low-down of job promotions with the campus. You know, instructor, then the AP's I always get them mixed up, then full prof. So, if you're a full-time "regular"contract (like me) you get put up for each of these promotions. If you want, you can request that your position go to tenure-track. But then if you don't get tenure, you're out on your rear. On the other hand, with a yearly renewed contract you never have security. Hmmm... it's not anything I have to really consider just yet, but it is sort of food for thought. Just to err on the side of caution I plan to behave as though I were tenure track anyway.

Tomorrow I get to bring a few things over to my new office, and figure out some more stuff with my responsibilities. I plan to spend the whole weekend working on my syllabus and figuring out what my weeks are going to look like. I actually reached my goal of testing 25 kids this summer, which is totally awesome, but I'm still not sure how I'm going to test 25 adults. Anyway, I just logged on to my new faculty account at the college and could see the enrollment for my classes. Very exciting! real people!

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