I feel like I've really been neglecting the old blog lately. But really, I have reason. Here's what's happening right now...

Thing one: I've accepted a job. A teaching job. Which means I'll be starting work in a couple of weeks. What that means even more specifically is that I have to design two classes (four sections) in the next two weeks. I'm excited but nervous about that. I have lots of ideas, but as usual it's the practical stuff that's freaking me out. Textbooks, assignments, how do I make tests? when do I find out where I'm going or who my students are? etc.. I have to say though, I'm so excited to join the ranks of the employed.

Thing two: we are selling our house and moving to a new house. Specifically what that means right now is that we are packing and cleaning like crazy to get our little house to the point where it looks like someone lives in it, but not too much. Very minimalist. Very clean. Not much fun. Thankfully we hired some folks to come clean today, which was quite a treat. Everything smells really nice. So hopefully someone will come along in the next few weeks and want to live here. Then we can go live in our new house. That house is a post for another day. I'm still trying not to get too excited about it in case things just don't work out.

Thing three: my dissertation. Oh yeah, remember that? Well I'm deep into data collection right now. Specifically what that means is that I'm scrambling to get 25 kids tested (each test takes about 4-5 hours) before school starts, in a couple of weeks. After that I have to some how figure out how I'm going to then test 25 adults, while I'm teaching at a campus on the other side of town. Not thinking about analyses yet. One day at a time people.

And that's it for now, but it is truly one day at a time for me right now. Here's some tomatoes and parsley I picked from the garden this week.

I'm trying so hard right now to find joy in the little things, to cut myself some slack when I need and kick my ass when I need it. Balance. I am allowing myself wine without guilt. Forgiving myself for making my yoga mat lonely. Trying to hug my daughter and be there for her because she is stressed out too.

Look, here's a picture of the mama deer and her twins that we saw everyday at Harbin. We're not supposed to take any pictures there, but I really couldn't resist. We were packing up the car to leave, it was 6am and there was no one around. I'm glad I snapped it when I had the chance.

And that's the moral today - do it now. It's better than just waiting around to die. I feel like as long as I can keep my momentum going I can get through this!

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