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On Saturday I had the great pleasure of taking a workshop from super yogini kino macgregor. It was just incredible. She is a human sunbeam. Her words and demeanor were every bit as stunning as her postures. The workshop I attended was called "strength, yes you can!" She began with a long discussion of the importance of the release of samskaras during practice. I do so wish that I had recorded or taken notes, but I've never attended a workshop before, and didn't realize there would be so much great talking. She was giving classes all weekend, but alas, my budget can afford only so much yoga. I wish that I could have attended more, but what little I got was truly inspirational. Well, it was a three hour session, so I was pretty darn tired and sore the next day!

Since the whole workshop was about strength and overcoming weakness, the talk that she gave at the beginning dealt first with overcoming weakness in the mind. She told us that our mind will give up before our body will, and we should always try to hold our for a moment more than our mind thinks we can. 1% improvement is all we should strive for each day. Just 1%. She described how many of the thoughts that hold us back revolve around unchangeable things such as our age, or our shape. But what we must focus on is things we can change, and recognize that our excuses only come from fear.

She also spoke quite eloquently on the fact that the yoga asanas are a wonderful place to deal with our fears. That we can think of our time on the mat as a laboratory to work with these fears and weaknesses, and they will resonate throughout our lives. How true. I was struck last night as I was reading a book, Poser: my Life in 23 yoga poses, when she said that she thought that taking yoga would make her the person she wanted to be (thin, cool, calm), but that yoga only seemed to show her what a mess she was. It made her face herself. I have found this to be true again and again.

So, happily I turned to my mat this week to work out all of my nonsense. "Another helping of yoga please" is what I am saying to myself these days.

Here's a nice little clip of her talking about overcoming difficulty

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