Vegan in the Morning

For breakfast, tofu puttanesca from Vegan Brunch. You can get the recipe on her website (sorry, the link's not working, just google Post Punk Kitchen and you should find it). Yummy yummy yummy! And super easy, this took literally no planning. The asparagus was what I had in the fridge and I subbed a spoonful of tomato paste since I didn't have any fresh tomatoes. Next time I need some chewy bread and home fries and it will be divine!

Making vegan banana chocolate chip muffins this AM. The recipe can be found in the book Get It Ripe. Her baked goods are fantastic. And again, easy-peasy. The only tricky thing with this recipe is finding the vegan chocolate chips. The best part about vegan baking? Getting to lick the spoon!

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