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I've been back on the vegan wagon for a little while now. I find that it helps to read vegan blogs in order to get inspired to try some new recipes, and to just feel that reassurance that I'm doing the right thing and on the right track. I thought I'd share a couple that I read regularly and really like. Unfortunately for me, although fortunately for them, so many of my favorite bloggers end up getting book deals and neglecting their blogs. This happens consistently, and I'm always so happy for them but bummed that there's not much reading to be had. The good thing is that all of these blogs have been around for awhile so there's plenty of archives to read.

My newest favorite is Choosing Raw. This is a very informative blog when it comes to nutrition. Her recipes are simple and yummy. Thanks to Gena I've started making Chia pudding for breakfast, and it's quite tasty!

Second in line would be Vegan Hope, but for very different reasons. This is the blog to read if you want to be really informed, or feel unsure if going vegan is for you. It's word heavy and has no recipes, but she's a very talented writer and a very inspirational person.

Next up are three fun blogs. Post punk kitchen is the blog of awesome vegan cookbook author Isa Chandra Moskowitz. She just makes you want to be vegan because she's so dang cool. Her cookbooks hands down are the best, everything is super yummy. And also because I hate recipes that are just regular recipes substituted with vegan processed crap (think vegan cream cheese, yuck), her recipes are the real thing. I also love it ain't meat babe like the name it's just cute and clever. A fun read. Finally, for the kiddos is vegan lunch box. Just a blog about packing some dynamite vegan lunches. Really gets your creative juices flowing.

That wraps it up for now, what's your favorites? How do you get inspired when you are faced with less than ideal choices?


kimar9791 said...

Have you seen www.ohsheglows.com? She posts new recipes almost every day and everything is vegan.

maepress said...

thanks! I'll check it out


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