Friday Book Review: Cookbook Edition!

{yes, it's saturday, but I'm just trying to stay consistent with my tags}

Today's book is...
Appetite For Reduction

I must say, I'm always partial to cookbooks with lots of pictures. This one has a handful in the middle of the book, but other than that it's all text and imagination. So, at first I was not so sure. But the text of this book just sort of ends up seducing you. I especially love Moskowitz's titles; I don't know how she comes up with such great names for things! How about a "caulipot"? Or some "hottie black eyed peas and greens"? I love the sound of "Bhutanese pineapple rice", or a "Goddess Nicoise salad". For me, part of the appeal about the words that she uses is that they make being vegan less dry and more fun. Who wants spaghetti and meatballs when you can have spaghetti and beanballs? And doesn't Mac and Trees sound like fun? Finally, there's all sorts of funny tidbits sprinkled throughout, like how baked tofu is the black hoodie of the food world, or how all vegans have a pleather costanza wallet.

Funny words aside, this is also a great book because it breaks down some basics for you. There's a whole chapter on Tofu. Which is actually something I was telling myself the other day; that if I were to write a cookbook I'd do just that. There's just so many ways to prepare it, it's nice to have them all in one place. And as usual her books rely very little on premade vegan stuff and focuses on good whole foods. And can I just say that there is 125 recipes in this book? It is just chock full of comfort foods and delicious sounding recipes. But I have to admit, I haven't made anything yet, because I've been reading it like it was a novel.

So, all in all I must say, another winner from Isa Moskawitz! I also have to reccomend her book vegan brunch. I actually have never even looked at veganomicon (the book she's probably most famous for) but it's on my list for sure.

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