Dairy free for me

So I've always been slightly lactose intolerant. I can remember nightly battles as a kid with my mom because I really didn't want to drink the giant glass of milk that always came with dinner. It gave me a stomach-ache. But my mom like so many moms felt that it kept us free from broken bones and that we would crumble into dust without it. Well, when I moved out I quit drinking it all together. I would still have yogurt and ice cream, but no milk. And after awhile, drinking milk really made me sick. If you didn't know, lactose intolerance is the normal state of most humans on the planet. It simply means that you lack the enzyme required to digest it. Most babies stop producing this enzyme after they wean. And in cultures where dairy is not prevalent, they don't need it. In north america and other northern countries (think Sweden and Norway) dairy is a big part of the diet, so we've adapted to keeping this enzyme around even after we're no longer consuming human milk. It can go away though if you stop eating dairy. I'm pretty sure that now after being vegan for almost a month, I am loosing my tolerance rapidly. Last night I had a pretty bad stomach-ache, and woke up this morning with some real digestive upset. I'll spare you the details, but I was really wondering what I could have eaten to make me feel so poor. Then it hit me, we had taken skater girl out for frozen yogurt. I didn't really think about it until I had already ordered mine, but then I figured I've have a little "cheat". Well, guess I won't be doing that again.

I understand there's a lot of people who think that vegan is vegan and even if you eat a tiny bit of animal products then you are not vegan. Fine, whatever floats your boat. I'm more in line with Kathy Freston, who has the idea of "leaning in" to veganism. Gradually adding in more plants and taking out more animal products, until you're totally there. It's been working for me so far. Although I had no problem dropping the meat cold turkey (ahem). I think it's just easier, because meat doesn't sneak it's way into everything. When I'm at home going full out vegan is easy, but a few times now I've been at a restaurant and there's literally nothing on the menu that's vegan. I'm getting more used to asking to leave the cheese off of things though. I just have to remember.

In other news, we are dog sitting this weekend, her name is Maggie and she is a cute handful!

Here's one of her with our pooch, so cute!

And here she is being bad on the couch and looking sad (I think she misses her mama), I am totally being a pushover and letting her on the couch because of said expression. Awwwwww...

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