Rice is our friend

I'm back! Took a bit of a hiatus while I was getting some thoughts together.

For the past two weeks I've done yoga everyday. It has been wonderful. I'm not sure exactly what changed, but it has something to do with why I started doing ashtanga in the first place. I'll be honest, I started out doing ashtanga because I was hoping to get in shape, and I liked the aspect of pushing myself and "earning" new poses. However, I think my practice had begun to lag a bit in the past few months because I stopped caring so much about those things. I'm still interested in getting fit, but I've realized that there is just something deeper to having a daily practice. I took a break from ashtanga and went to some other yoga classes. I met some other teachers who laugh and joke during class, use the class to explore new concepts, and reconnected with why I love yoga so much in the first place. And suddenly I was up at 6 am everyday with a renewed conviction to ashtanga! To me, yoga is a lot more than exercise. And I think if you treat it as only that you may end up getting bored, or tired of it, or even disappointed since it's probably not going to give you some killer body. Yes, your body will feel good, but even more important than that, you will feel good in your own body. You will feel good about your body. I think that I'm going to try to continue to incorporate other classes into my schedule. I've been enjoying going to class with my husband every once in awhile too. And I really want to learn more about this Rocket Yoga business, I'm very curious.

So anyway, this morning I was up with the sun, went to a grueling led class, got some crepes and coffee with friends and went to the park. This afternoon, I got to the grocery store to get loaded up on super healthy foods again. A lovely Sunday!

{Part two: in which I come up with a blog project}

I've been inspired lately by the macrobiotic diet. Although I think that to do it full on would be too restrictive for me, I have decided to try to remove dairy and refined sugars entirely from my diet. Sugar is going to be very challenging, but I think that it's just really terrible for me. I get candida at the drop of a hat, and I'm pretty sure that excess sugar makes me break out. I'll probably still be eating some dark chocolate now and then, but come on, let's be serious here people. I'll also be eating less meat, but not removing it completely, since I just can't seem to go full-on meatless without getting anemic. But anyway, as a celebration of macrobiotics I'll be trying out a new grain each week. Although mostly for my own learning, I'll post recipes and pictures and talk about how to prepare it.

So this week? Brown rice. I know, this is not the least bit interesting. But I've got to start somewhere, and I've gotten out of the habit of making grains. So brown rice it is! Look forward to posts this week about this amazing grain!

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