Sunshine and... more sunshine?

Amazingly it is day two of a clear sunny day in the upper 50's. Sometimes I am truly in awe of the effect that the weather has on me. Growing up in the south both made be utterly dependent on the sun, and completely take it for granted. But this fine March morning the birds are chirping, the coffee is hot and I feel an inkling of motivation to do something other than hide under the covers all day.

However, what that something is remains to be seen. Turns out, my adviser is not the person he seemed to be, and things have taken a turn for the much worse. At any rate, it looks like I might be finishing up with someone else. But that has left me empty-handed as far as having a project to complete. So today I am going to be brainstorming alternative projects, one which I don't need his input on, and that I can get done fairly quickly. This should be challenging, but I have a couple of ideas. This entire PhD process has turned into such a nightmare, it will be nothing short of miraculous if I manage to get done.

Some better news is that we are building a new vegetable garden out back. It is a very nice project to be thinking about instead of other unpleasantness. I'm looking forward to starting some seeds indoors soon, and posting pictures of the garden progress. There is really nothing like spring as a tonic for depression.


pixie658 said...

I need the sun so much, too. It's been lovely here for two days. I'm not getting my hopes up because it will probably be rainy and dreary the next two days. I need to move somewhere will sunshine. The winter kills my mood and motivation. Even with my light therapy lamps, it's not the same.
I'm so sorry to hear about your adviser. Academia is such a monster sometimes. :( Sending you good vibes. <3

ily said...

Sorry to hear more phD horrors. I'm all to familiar with such situations. Fill me in sometime on the details. xoxo


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