New Growth

{painting by Donna Hay}

It's that time of year again folks! Each day brings a new exciting pop of color outside. First we spotted some flowering maples, the next day were crocuses shouldering their way past the dead leaves, followed by a peek-a-boo of sedum sprouting between dead stalks, then yesterday I noticed the butterfly bushes were leafing out. It's all so exciting... I love spring! And it's so inspiring too. New Beginnings. A time to recharge and get ready for new challenges. I think that I will incorporate all of this upward growth into my daily life. I will use it to find the strength to start anew on a fresh project, with a new adviser. It will bring me a good perspective, and it will all turn out okay.

I feel like taking a deep breath and jumping back into everything, now that skater girl's birthday went well, and our nightmare of gymnast's parent hell is over. Now there is nothing to do except sow seeds and look forward to saturday mornings at the farmer's market. To jump back into morning ashtanga after a short hiatus {meaning: ladies holiday + crash and burn of academic life + daunting parental requirements = no ashtanga for 2 weeks! eep! but, I did manage to get to a hatha class, and a pilates class}

Yes indeed, it's time for a pedicure and a trip down south. Or a bowl of fresh spring greens and a glass of cold prosecco. Art fairs and dog parks! yippee!

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