A little sewing

Just thought I'd share two recent projects. The first one is a baby I made for my cousin's daughter - so cute! Made using a pattern by bit of whimsy. As a side note, when I was looking over these patterns, I thought to myself that surely I could figure out how to make some of these sweet things myself. But I decided to support a fellow crafter. I feel like it must be a challenging way to make a living, and her work is top notch. I'm glad I did anyway, because it probably saved me a lot of frustration. (I bought two others besides - will be posting those soon...)

The second project was a bag for my manduka mat. I received the mat as a gift from my sweet hubby, partly because he wanted me to get a really nice mat, and partly because he was going to start using mine a lot. (and as much as I love my husband, I refuse to share a mat with him!) Anyway, I really needed something much more roomy than the bag I made awhile back. I also wanted it to open along the side since sometimes I don't feel like rolling it as tightly as possible. So I ended up with this bag, which has been working splendidly.

One final note, these were two stash-busting projects - gotta love that! I've noticed that one thing which really helps me to make things using what I have on hand, is to be sure to have a few solid color fabrics lying around. All of those adorable prints are irresistible at the fabric store, but it's the solid ones that allow you to actually pull it all together.


Witty Prmt said...

I saw some very interesting posts here. You are very enthusiastic about blogging. It was a pleasure to meet you. I follow you too. Bye!

Craft E Magee said...

That little baby doll is so cute! I am so glad that we met at the DIY Louisville meet-up. I'm excited to be part of the group!


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