Is it March yet?

It's cold. 14 degrees out right now. The kind of cold that hurts. My solution is to curl up under a blanket and read. And hot tea. I'm going to try giving up coffee for green tea (I might still have some coffee on the weekends, I do so love my coffee). Anyway, today wasn't too bad, I felt a littel sleepy, but no headaches. And the sleepiness could have also been induced by a two and a half hour lecture on signal detection theory by a guy with rusty english. Ah well, couch time now. I want to sew but everywhere is colder than under the blanket.

{P.S. The photo above was create using my new favorite website, Picnik.}

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pixie658 said...

I cannot freaking wait for Spring. I need major sunshine like right.this.second. I stopped drinking coffee daily on January 1st. Since then I've had coffee only a handful of times. I've been making smoothies packed with protein in the morning. I feel a lot better. But my God I miss my daily coffee.


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