I remember a time when I had a life

I'm beginning to wonder how I'm ever going to find the time to do what is expected of me, let alone ever have any fun. This blog unfortunately has taken quite the backseat to the mess of other projects that I have going on. On the work front, I've got a paper that we are scrambling to finish to submit for publication. I've got a dissertation proposal that needs to be finished asap. I've got endless reading and programming to do. And I for some crazy reason am taking a class. Plus, I keep signing up for these professional development workshops (today was grantsmanship - it's useful, I'm sure) Anyway, more than enough to keep me busy and humming from morning till night. However, let's see what ELSE I can cram in there? How about an insane amount of mandatory "volunteer" work for my daughter's gymnastics team. I have to come up with things to raffle off during a big competition. If anyone has any ideas, please send them my way, oh, and there's no money to actually buy anything with. Then I'm getting all sorts of email about her school garden and what we plan to do about that. Well, since it's spring and grant deadlines are looming guess who gets to handle that stuff too? And then to just whip it into a frenzy lets just pile on lots of bad weather and sickness and yep - it's February.


I really need to delegate, or get out from under some of this crap, but I'm just not sure how exactly. Again, suggestions are more than welcome!

As usual, when I get completely snowed under with work, my thoughts turn to things I can make with my little hands. Things that serve practically no purpose but to bring joy into an otherwise colorless and joyless landscape. Here's one

pattern by itsy bitsy spider

Here's another

pattern by soto softies

And yet one more...

no pattern, but how beautiful is this! By sleepyking

There are March birthdays coming up so I will be spending what precious little time I have cranking out some cute toys. I'd love to make these even though they seem quite daunting. Maybe I should just buy handmade toys...

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pixie658 said...

It was nice to see you in my Reader. :) I have been trying to figure out how to delegate without spending an arm and a leg. Good luck with your dissertation proposal! That is an exciting thing, even if it's stressful and painful.


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