Such a strange comment on the last post. It really got me thinking. I guess I always wonder what it is that would make someone do something like that. Who are they, and why my blog in particular? Is this simply a person who randomly comments on anything? I was going to take it down, but it's not hurting anyone - and I think it's always good to have a reminder that this information that I'm putting out there is for all the world to see.

But I just have to ask, because the commenter didn't leave an address where I can write them back. Are you Christian? Because throughout the rant you talk about "the gods" and reincarnation, but then about the rapture and end of days. Seems to be some sort of personal religion. Which I can go for, I don't ascribe to any particular dogma myself. And I like to think that the path to wisdom lies in knowing what you don't know, so I refuse to say that something or someone is "wrong" when it comes to a belief system. Who am I to say? Although my little blog of crafts and yoga seems like an odd place for a tirade like that. Maybe you should start your own blog random commenter - then you can talk at length about your beliefs. I suppose I appreciate your attempt to reach out to me. But unfortunately, it will only fall on deaf ears.

So many of the beliefs of man turn out to be nothing more than dust which settles over their superstitious graves. Our true folly is our confidence.

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