Some thoughts on winter health...

{photo from my parents' backyard - they are having a record snowfall for their southern town - so jealous!}

There's a good article here about foods that will help you detox (foods that seems to help liver function in other words). If you don't want to read it, the ten foods they suggest are:
* watercress
* lemon + water
* dark leafy greens
* fresh fruit
* cabbage
* artichokes
* beets
* fresh ginger and garlic
* whole grains
* green tea

I've been trying the whole lemon water in the morning thing, but I could definitely incorporate some of these other things. Watercress, artichokes, cabbage and beets are all things I don't eat. I've also thought about trying to trade out coffee for green tea. Right now I only drink two cups in the AM, but I suppose I could trade out one of those for some green tea. I do so love my coffee. At least I drink it black.

Another thing that I'm thinking about is **winter yoga**. I'm thinking that it would be nice to consider winter to be a time for quiet reflection, time to slow down and practice stability and grounding. In this way I can consider the idea of going to bed early to be a part of my practice, part of what one does in winter. (me being a night person, I have a hard time going to bed early enough to make getting up at 6 pleasant) It appeals to me to think of it as part of a process of appreciating the season. There's a nice article about all of this here. Gotta try that warm oil massage, that sounds really nice to my cold, dry skin right now!

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