Snow day (again)

{pops of green making me happy around my kitchen}

It's been a little while since my last post. Thankfully, that is because I've been busy and productive. I've been writing a lot lately, working on my dissertation proposal. I have some help, a person in the university writing center, and it has been really great. I now feel like I have real concrete things to work on and a deadline. Wow, what a difference that makes! I guess that's what other students may have with their advisers who demand work from them and meet with them on a regular basis. I'm lucky if I ever see mine. And I'm lucky if I ever get any sort of edits or feedback too. But that will not stop me - no, I press on with the goal of finishing this year. I want to graduate by December. I am really putting that out there even though saying that terrifies me. But I will do it. Well, I'll TRY to do it.

{I sure do love my little Crosley}

I've gotten back to yoga again too, everyday. I'm not sure how I became motivated in things all of a sudden, but it's great. Maybe by spring I will no longer have a spare tire and saddlebags! And no, I'm not talking about things that I keep in my car. Although I do have junk in my trunk, ha ha. Actually, my car is one aspect of my life that is pathetic at the moment. It's covered in salt and sludge, with a deep layer of trash on the inside. It's really bad people.

At any rate, there's a steady snowfall outside and four inches on the ground so I'm not going anywhere. Sorry car, you will have to wait for another day. Maybe I will work on some sewing projects. I have a new one, I've decided to refashion an ugly old blah cardigan into a cute cardigan. I'm not totally sure how that's going to happen yet, but I think it will involve felt and embroidery. Don't worry, I'll keep you posted.

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