Morning Astanga thoughts

I've been pretty good lately about getting to yoga, since I got back from my long break in Nov. Last week I made it Mon, tues, and Friday. Then there was a moon day on Sun. This week I went in Mon, then not again until today. This morning I was thinking funny things about writing about the people in my class. It's funny to see these people day in and day out and not know them. Today I was next to the woman I call the "dragon lady" in my head. She's a tiny woman, probably in her forties and really, really good (she can do all the jump throughs into every position). But she makes the craziest noises! At one point, I was almost having to stifle a laugh because she sounded like a bear snoring. Then she'll let out a big moan or sigh, it's entertaining. Then of course today came in well, lets just call him "Vishnu" (I actually do know this person outside of class - just an acquaintance). Anyway, I also find him amusing because he obviously takes his practice (and himself) so seriously. He's got flowing blond hair and teeny-tiny shorts. He likes to make a lot of racket too, mostly in the form of burping, which is just gross. He only comes in once in awhile, but I think he must practice a lot at home, he's also very good. These are a couple of the "full primary" people. There's a handful of them and they all seem to be characters. Well, not all of them - some of them seem pretty normal. At any rate, hopefully someday I'll be one of them! Then someone can write about me and my crazy hairy armpits :)

I'm so glad I went in today. It was 18 degrees when I got in my car at 6. It was so hard to leave that down comforter and sleeping husband! (we finally got the kiddo to start sleeping alone, I think this time it might stick) But I always feel like my mind is clearer and I can think better on the days that I go. And I feel energized, and more peaceful. I'm going to need it, the next couple of days are going to be pretty packed. Today I have to give a practice talk to my lab, then attend a job talk for a candidate who's interviewing for our department, then a lunch for a different candidate, then make edits to my talk. And my parents and brother are coming in this evening. Tomorrow I get to drive two hours to Indiana to give said talk to another lab (that I'm hoping I can get into for a post-doc). Hopefully get home by 5, then get SG ready for her comp in Lexington (an hour away), drive there, and hopefully get back before 11. Whew! I need to go start preparing... yoga power - keep me going!

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