Good tidings

I'm not sure what I used to do before there were blogs. Mine is not nearly as important to me as the ones that I read regularly. Here's a video I found by one of my new favorite bloggers (although she's been around for awhile)

Dottie Angel's Once Upon a Time from Etsy on Vimeo.

I'm still amazed when I open up my little laptop machine and can be transported to a sunny little world of lovely homes and good lighting, well made things and inspiration. I wish that I created more and spent less time longingly looking at others' creations, but I guess I'm just an admirer. Like an art aesthete, but for crafts instead. I have been making things the past week, I'll post some pictures as soon as I can. My usual triumvirate of baking, sewing and knitting. It's been nice, because we were iced in and SG was of course having no school. She and I have been working on "christmas town" which you can see two of the inhabitants of in the new banner above. And we've been creating other tiny creatures too which I can't wait to photograph! I feel lazy since I've not gotten much "real" work done, but oh well, it's the holidays! It's time to eat sweets and listen to sappy music and enjoy my little family's company and our cozy little home.

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