Almost a New Year

Of course to herald the new year one must talk about one's resolutions. I don't have anything specific in mind, but I am determined over the next few weeks to get back on the healthy track! I have been eating so much rich and junky foods (and loving it!) and NOT excercising, that I'm starting to feel so sluggish and yucky. That and I haven't gotten up before 7AM yet in weeks. So, I've decided to follow this challenge over at the whole living site. It's a 28 day challenge to detox and get healthy. I'm going to start after the New Year (naturally!). But the nice thing is they actually give you some pre-plan things to do. One is to start drinking more water, right away. That is definitely something I need to do. I mostly drink coffee all day, and my skin is so parched. So for right now, that's all I'm thinking about. My other pre-plan is this Sunday, I'm going to clean out the fridge (giant chocolate birthday cake, I'm looking at you!) and then I'm going to make a menu and go to the grocery store. Nothing beats a clean fridge stocked with yummy healthy foods! Maybe too I could make a big pot of soup to eat for lunches.

Also on the front of resolutions and things like that, I revamped my little craft area. I got a new sewing machine for Christmas which got me inspired to re-do my sewing area. So I got some new storage, cleaned out a bunch of old stuff and made it nice a tidy! I'm going to hang up some art and take some photos. If we ever get any sunlight that is. The weather outside is so crappy lately. Cold, wet and gray - typical louisville winter. I have found for this time of year, nothing beats having lots of hot beverages and blankets around + knitting, baking and sewing of course. Making pretty things always makes me feel better about not going outside. Here's some links to some things I'll probably be crafting over the next few days.

Very cute and easy fabric headbands, you can use a fat quarter, I can see myself making a bunch of these! Tutorial here

And how cute are these little guys?! They will do very nicely with my newly organized sewing desk. You can also print them out here.

And finally I have a lonely old teacup sitting on my desk that I would like to turn into a pincushion. photo via readymade

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