All is quiet

It is late, very, very late. I'm not sure why I am still awake other than the "one more row" syndrome I'm having right now, and the utter quiet of my home. I relish these moments when it's just me and the cat, and my two mercurial pices are asleep. That combined with the fact that I know I don't have to get up and go tomorrow morning has completely done me in.

So far this is shaping up to be a nicer holiday season than many in the past. We haven't over-planned, I haven't over-shopped, the decorations are small but very sweet. No one has been mopey or grumpy. For the first year it has felt like we are a family celebrating the holidays as a little family. We might even have *gasp* traditions? Pulling out the tiny box of decorations was great fun. We actually went to a gingerbread house making party. And the company party felt like a real, cozy and warm holiday party. It's just been so peaceful. I'm really thankful. I'm excited that we have nothing to do for the next four days except visit friends and read and make things. (promising right now that I will post pictures tomorrow!) There's really something to be said for just staying home.

I had the wonderful joy of getting a really good new sewing machine last night at a store that was going out of business. I got a tip from some quilter friends in the grocery that they had a few machines left, but I'd better hurry. I'm so glad I ran into them! First thing tomorrow (well, maybe after I make a cup of coffee) I'm going to plug her in and see how I can do at figuring out how she works. Today I didn't have a minute to even take her out of the box. I can't wait!

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