As usual, thanksgiving has proven itself again to be my favorite holiday. Each year, I'm reminded of just how much I love this day. No advertising company has taken it over, no one has figured out how to exploit it. Even the food is fairly inexpensive, a lot of butter, potatoes, turkey, beans, bread etc... you can make a great meal for many for very little. I've done it. When I was about 21, I volunteered to cook thanksgiving dinner at the halfway house that I worked at. That meant cooking for 20 adults, using very little means. It meant so much to me, someone who cooked using a hot plate at home. I wasn't that great in the kitchen. But it was so much fun. Throughout the day folks wandered into the kitchen and were pleasantly surprised to find a meal being cooked. They pitched in and pretty soon it was a real holiday meal. One of the best one's I've had.

Each year, I'm so thankful to have a holiday with really no pressure, and no stress. No grand expectations, and no big let down afterward. Today we just cooked and read, went for a walk in the woods, made some jokes, watched some sports, played games, ate, drank and were merry. It was wonderful. After dinner my cousins came over who I rarely get to see and that was a treat. Pretty soon everyone is tired and happily goes to bed. And bonus, being that I love to cook, I don't even have to do the dishes!

I'm really looking forward to the year that we get to have thanksgiving at our house though. I hope it's coming soon. I just want to have all my loved ones around, and not have to hunt everywhere for a slotted spoon. I feel like we're getting close to finally having that dream of having enough space for everyone to be able to relax and stretch out at our home. I can't wait.

At any rate, this year was really great. I hope everyone else out there had a really nice, chill day too.

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