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It's a dark, cold, rainy morning here in the ville. I'm trying to work up the gumption to get to into work. One more cup of coffee and a blog post, and then I promise I'll put my shoes on and slog out.

Day two of getting back on the yoga horse was rough. First I was awoken by the peaceful violins coming out of my radio, only to realize that they meant getting out of warm bed, and into a soggy cold car. I had a little fight with myself, "maybe I can rest a day, no - you should just go, but I'm so sore, but you are awake, just do it...etc." Anyway, I went and it was brutal. So stiff and sore I could barely move. But again, since it is a seasonal depression inducing day - it's things like getting exercise in the morning which stave off the sadness ultimately.

on to my two posts of truth for the day:
27: what's the best thing I have going for me right now?
not that I'm in any kind of mood to count my blessings, but let's see... the first thing that comes to mind is my health, which is good. Followed by my family, whom I love dearly. And although I yearn for more space, I love our neighborhood. This past week two of our neighbor-friends had babies, two precious little girls, and I'm so happy that one, we've actually stayed in one place long enough to share in the growing of these two sweet families, and two, that skater girl felt the joy of seeing new people brought into the world. Being an only child, and not having any family around I fear that she misses things like that, but our block is such a great community - it feels like an extended family, I'm so glad for it.

28: which funny enough brings me to the next post, what if I was pregnant?
This is an amusing thought, I don't think I'd be terribly disappointed. I think about it a lot really, that what I secretly wish I was doing was raising a brood of homeschooled kids and spending my days sewing and growing our own food. Of course, it's not like if I got pregnant that I would suddenly chuck all of my grad school plans and do that. Probably what would happen is that my life would continue on in a very similar way, I'd try to finish school anyway, and probably take some time off afterward to raise the kid. Or teach part-time. Oak man would be very happy anyway, he's always wanted more. At any rate, it wouldn't really be that life changing.

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Do it, I double dog dare ya!


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