Day 3: 30 posts of truth

Most days I feel like I need to cut myself some slack when it comes to parenting. I have to forgive myself for possibly screwing my kid up. Although she is a great child, sometimes she acts entitled, or bossy, or sassy and I immediately think that I could have done a lot better instilling politeness and manners in her when she was younger. She is not very generous either, which I know is both a combination of the fact that she's an only child and just doesn't have to share on a daily basis, and the fact that we have just not stressed that enough.

I think that as mothers many of us have a tough time with maternal guilt. Especially now, when there seems like so many ways that we can screw up. Gone are the days where you sent your kid to the one school that they could go to. Now you must choose between schools with concentrations in science or the arts, magnet programs, traditional schools, uniforms, and on and on. And yes, this is for elementary school. Don't even get me started on the extra curricular activities! We're doing the best we can do, but in this age of endless choices, one of the major drawbacks is always feeling like you could have made a better choice. I must forgive myself for being an imperfect mother. And I want my daughter to recognize that nobody's perfect, even her. She will be happier that way I think. Striving to be the best you can be is great, but striving for perfection will set you up for disappointment.


ily said...

SG is a great kid, GREAT! I don't think most ppl would guess she is an only child (which often comes with a whole set of issues to deal with), she was very good with little L after she warmed up to this little person who just wouldn't leave her alone and shared quite nicely! I miss her (and you!).

maepress said...

Awwww, we miss you too! And yes, I think she's pretty darn awesome too.


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