Day 13: 30 posts of truth

"I will go where I will go, and I will jettison all dead weight. And I will use these words for kindling, and I will sleep by the garden gate. My garden with grow so high - that I will be completely hidden"

Dear Mountain Goats,
Just wanted to let you know that your music has been there for me through all sorts of tough times. I used to listen to Nine Black Poppies in my attic apartment in Charleston, when I was getting through my last year of school. A boyfriend who had decided to move to a cultish art commune gave me a tape of your stuff before he left and I fell in love with it. I bought Sweden and was completely hooked. No one could ever understand. I kind of liked that it seemed like a secret band. Then there was a time after I moved to Idaho when I would just listen to The Coroner's Gambit on vinyl over and over and over again, sitting at home alone and missing lots of people. All Hail West Texas came at a perfect time when I was driving across country and could sing along loudly. It's still a dream of mine to get to see you in concert one day. And it's probably about time that I got a new album. In fact, I'm driving to St. Louis tonight, and I'll bring a couple of these along. Anyway, thanks for the memories and the poetry. Keep on rockin.


pixie658 said...

Did you see this post?


maepress said...

that is sweet! and sums it up pretty nicely. Yes, I am *exactly* the kind of person who likes lines like, "we tried to fight the creeping sense of dread with temporal things"


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