30 posts of truth

Found this today
30 posts of truth
thought it might be an interesting thought experiment, and give me some meatier things to write about. Please comment if you decide to do it too, I'd love to read others' posts as well!

The first topic on the list is to write something I hate about myself. That's a pretty crappy way to start, but I guess I can come up with something. Believe it or not, there's a LOT of things I don't like about myself. Granted, that's the wording I would use--not HATE. Even though it's purely semantic, I dislike the idea of openly hating anything, especially myself. (and no, I'm not egotistical, I don't think anyone should hate themselves! not constructive, and not healthy)

That said, the thing that's causing me the most anguish lately is my utter lack of will power. I feel like I am very, very bad at following through with those things that I set out to do. I recognize this facet of my personality and I am actively trying to change it right now, so there. (It's very hard to come up with something that I don't like about myself and not have an excuse for it) So here's one that I can't do anything about, my skin. I really do hate my skin sometimes. Ever since my mid-twenties it been pretty bad. As long as I'm eating well, exercising and getting enough sleep (and not hormonal) then it looks okay, but I rarely have all of that together, so it's usually a mess. And gives me one more reason to berate myself for not having better willpower! So, that's enough negativity for one day!

And by the way, I'm very very sad that Mondo did not win project runway this season. Just thought I'd share that with everyone.

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ily said...

not only that mondo didn't win but that whatsherface DID! WTF, she sucks. :-/ BOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!
(that's pretty negative, but whatever, so true!)


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