Monday thoughts

Last week was a serious yoga holiday for me. I was extremely glad to get back on the mat today! We just had many events going on, and out of towners staying with us. It made for the stumbling around in the dark part pretty tricky. But gladly, I got back to it today. Of course, as it goes when I jump back on the yoga horse, it's 11AM and I'm in a daze.

At any rate, I've been inspired to really try to do a daily practice. When I first started Ashtanga back in the spring, I was making really good progress, because I was keeping at it almost daily. However, as of late, I'm only getting around to it maybe three times a week. At our studio, the teacher has a sign up sheet, you check of everyday that you come. My check marks are really sad at the moment. So, this is a new day, a new week and I'm starting over! (just in case anyone's wondering why I don't try practicing at home - I feel like I will once I'm through the whole primary series. If I can do that, then I feel okay about practicing without help - that and I don't have any space, and a dog and a cat and a husband who all would like to interrupt me!)

So, back to work. And I really should actually go to work, haha.

Grad school update, more to get myself motivated than anything:
1.) Dissertation proposal (and ALL that goes with it - a list in and of itself)
2.) Grad student grant competition application
3.) create presentation for a seminar coming up
4.) edits on a potential publication
5.) preparing a poster for a conference next month
6.) homework
7.) reading, endless reading

My advisor's been totally MIA for two weeks now - my goal this week is to put a stop to that! I of course have no idea how I'm going to do that, but I'll think of something.

I've also got to get my crap together for my daughters fall festival at school, since I've volunteered to man a table informing folks about the school garden. Which, by-the-way I need to water, urgh.

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