Getting there

For me the hardest part about Ashtanga is getting up really, really early. Stumbling around in the dark, trying not to wake my sleeping family and trying to resist the urge to crawl back into be with them since the they look so cozy. (most nights my daughter sneaks downstairs and crawls into our bed - she is very stealthy and I am at a loss of how to break her of the habit.) Unfortunately, since my hubby leaves for work at 7, I have no choice but to get up super early.

Anyway, once I get to the studio, which is right around the corner, then I'm fine. It's warm, the lights are on, incense is lit, and there are always people there who are already halfway through the sequence, even though I get there at 6. (wonder what time they go to bed at night?) This morning I was a little groggy and I am still adjusting to the heat being on in the studio which makes it a little stuffy.

And now, by the time I'm leaving the studio, the sun still hasn't even started to rise. It's pretty lame. Seems a little strange to do sun salutations when there still an hour before any sun! Daylight savings time is a few weeks away, but I doubt that will help. Anyway, just thought I'd complain a bit about getting up. My practice is still going well. I'm able to go usually every other day. I'd love to try to do it more often and will hopefully continue to work my way up to more days a week. I feel like I'm still making progress though. Bhuja Pidasana finally felt better today, after doing it for a couple of weeks. I'm still not able to get out of it easily, but my balance felt good. I tried to tuck my shoulders under my thighs which helped a lot. I felt the "arm pressure"

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B. Miller said...

I admire your resolve. I don't think I could get up that early, especially to exercise! I'm such a night owl. The only time I see early morning is when I haven't gone to bed the night before. ;)


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