I don't know if it's the chill in the air this morning, but I'm thinking about what little gifts I can whip up for Christmas this year. Some ideas that I have are zip pouches for my girlfriends (from the purl bee),

or these sweet felted slippers,

homemade granola in jars for the teachers,

artist case for the little (can't seem to find an image that is the same as the one in my head, will have to keep looking)... just some ideas. I should probably be thinking about Halloween at the moment - here's who we're thinking of being!


ily said...

like it! like it all! i have a zippy that a friend made and i super love it and would love lots in all different sizes. can't wait to see your costumes! what is skatergirl gonna be?

maepress said...

she's going to be an evil sorceress


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