begin where you are

All we can ask of ourselves each day is to take that day and make something good of it. However, we hold in our minds an ideal of what we expect of ourselves and those around us. Trying to live up to this ideal can sometimes cause suffering, sometimes joy. Joy when you succeed, suffering when you fail.

Alternatively, rather than achieving something and looking to the future, we could simply begin where we are. Each day, to begin again. When I step onto the mat, I'm flooded with desire to "get" the poses that I was unable to get yesterday, I want to push myself further. When I sit down to write, I want to write the best and most impressive work, and somehow accomplish great things with my research.

It's easy to forget the process in all of this desire for more. It's too easy to forget that what makes us great is the everyday, the mundane. Practice. Beginning again, over and over we make the decision to do or not do. In simply making the right choice you are embracing that part of you that you want to nurture. And by embracing that part everyday it will grow stronger. There is no point in hurrying, in taking shortcuts, there is no point in looking to a future that may never come.

By beginning where we are, we are giving ourselves a gift. We are accepting ourselves.


Even said...

Very eloquent. I think "Begin where you are" will join my other mantra of late, "Keep calm and carry on." :) Thanks for the insight.

Cali said...

I simply LOVE this. Thank you.


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