another hiatus?

What's happening to my bloggin power? The blog is loosing out in the wake of all else in life. Sadly, my hard drive crashed - and they could not recover what was on it. Thankfully, there wasn't that much that I cared about. Nothing that would make me shed tears anyway.

Not like work today, when I actually almost started crying in my office. I'm trying to get an abstract submitted for a conference soon and I was told quite bluntly that what I was trying to submit was way too similar to what I presented last year. It's true, but then I felt that crushing fear that I've had lately of "I am going to have literally nothing to show for the last two years of work." Thank goodness I didn't cry because two minutes later my adviser popped back in and said, "but you can present this other data we've been working on." Whew! And the emotional roller coaster that is graduate school rolls on. (for the record, I'm entertaining aunt flo today, and our coffee maker is broken at the lab, so - ahem)

Anyway, no yoga it looks like this week, hormones are hitting me like a mac truck this month. I woke up in the middle of the night last night with a migraine like a vice. Ugh. Think I'll call it a wash and worry about yoga on thursday or friday. Right now I just need some iron fortified chocolate - why don't they make such a thing!?!

I've got some knitting on the needles though, some new projects. I'm making a baby gift, and taking a sock knitting class! Ily, if you're reading this you are probably laughing, but yes, it will take my going to a class to actually make myself do it!

Anyway, it's fall. Wonderful, wonderful fall. I bought skater girl some Chuck taylors today and took us out for sushi. It was lovely. Now it's time for a cup of tea and some knitting. Doesn't get much better!


cherie said...

I like your design! :)

ily said...

Talk about blog hiatus... (Whistles quietly to self)

Anyway I totally feel your hormonal pain. Being a girl sucks sometimes (at least for a week every month and then other times in between randomly)

Your outing with skatergirl sounds divine!

Good luck with the sock knitting too!


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