Alright folks, the hiatus is officially over.

For the past two-to-three weeks I've been not working on anything, not going to yoga, and not really engaging in life as I've known it. We took a very long trip to California, and recharged our life batteries by hiking and camping for seven days. And before that I took a short trip to Chicago. I'm now officially over my jet lag and working very hard to realize that I must get back into my life or I will never get back. As dramatic as that may sound, it is how I feel. If there's one thing that I've come to face about myself it's that I"m inherently lazy. I also know that once I get into a lazy stint, the pull to remain in it is far stronger than the pull to get out. It's a vicious cycle.

Anyway, today I dragged my sad butt out of bed and went to yoga for the first time in a couple of weeks. (I did attend a great hippy dippy yoga class at a hot springs in California, but that was the extent of my practice while traveling) I'm hoping that getting back into my practice will serve to jump start the rest of things for me. Tomorrow Skater Girl starts back to school - so I can start getting back to work, and back on a regular schedule. Back to cooking every night, going to bed at a decent hour, and biking to work. It's so strange, I naturally resist routine, but I know that I'm happier and more productive with it. I've never been good at doing things that are good for me - go figure.

After being in the wilderness and away from all technology, I did give some thought to giving up the blog. I'm not sure at the moment what it's for. I think I may try to start making it a little more useful - rather than just an online journal. There's quite a few topics that I deal with here, parenting, parenting while being in grad school, cooking, gardening, making things, yoga, books... I think I might make some regular installments, like science friday, or garden food wednesday, book review sunday? anyone have any suggestions?

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B. Miller said...

Don't leave! I love the idea of a few "program" posts... it's nice just reading what's going on with you!


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