remembering how fun it is to ride

You know how they always say, if you fall off a horse - get right back on it? Well, this also applies to yoga. I've been off now for almost a week and a half. I was really beginning to fear that I would quit. That I'd reached my typical three month limit on anything that interests me. (I shouldn't say "anything"-- but I am a fickle hobbyist)

And I found myself grousing and groaning about every little thing. Having little energy to do the slightest task. And my self-esteem was slipping into oblivion. "I'm falling into a depression" I thought to myself. "I've hit a wall."

And then I dragged my but to the studio this morning. I rolled out my mat and just did it.

When I got home I was energized enough to do laundry, walk to the grocery, bake cookies, wash dishes, clean out the refrigerator and unpack my suitcase. All before 9:30.

I feel like a new person today, with a renewed sense of purpose. I'm getting back on the horse. (which is actually funny because I'm afraid of horses) Anyway, I'm going to get back to it. Enough moping around. The hardest part for me is just getting started. Or re-started as it were. And sometimes I get to a point where everyday feels like I'm only just starting. Well, no more neglecting yoga for work. Apparently I need it to function.


B. Miller said...

Sometimes we just need a little kick-start to get us out of the raincloud. Glad you were able to find one for yourself.

AliceAcademic said...

I've been away from the yoga mat for way too long, but your post is inspiring me to go back to it. I've been feeling like I'm too out of shape to go to the challenging class that I used to do when I was really into it. I know I shouldn't be comparing myself to others in the class but I can't seem to shake the sense of inferiority when everyone in the "beginner" class has better form than me!


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