Looks like maybe for now I will just aim for weekly Sunday posts. This has been a very busy summer so far! The other day I woke up at 6 for yoga, then came back and weeded the garden an hour, I looked up to see the puppy digging and ended up having to give her a bath before I went to work at 9. Then I worked until 2, went to counseling, picked up the kiddo from the baby sitter, went to a massage appointment, then met the kiddo and dad at the pool. Came home and ate a late dinner around 8, cleaned up the kitchen and tried to get some reading in before crashing for the day. It was insane. And this is not unusual at the moment. Hence the sporadic blog posting. But, it's summer! I'm always so busy with the garden and pool and various outdoor activities. Cook-outs, late nights on the porch, afternoons at the park.

Of course, this is really not helping the fact that I'm supposed to be working a LOT right now!! I have a strict time-line at the moment, which should allow me to get my proposal approved by the end of July. Here it is:


Gather literature: 15th-18th
Code literature: 19th - 25th
Create outline for lit review: 26th
Write lit review: 28th - 3rd
Write Proposal: 5th - 10th
Proposal approved by Fred/revisions: 10th- 15th
Present to committee: mid- July
Defend proposal: late July

I was supposed to start coding this weekend but I did this instead

made pickles!


I also tried a pickled beet recipe - not sure about that one, it's got an awful lot of spices like clove and allspice, which seem odd in the summer. I think it's more of a fall recipe. But I'm sure we'll get more beets. Right now I'm having fun figuring out what to do with fennel.

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