Just showing up

Sometimes the best I can do is just show up. Then everything else will follow. It sounds so dumb, but a journey starts by putting one foot in front of the other. Thing is, I feel like this almost everyday. Getting up at 6AM to do yoga is a real challenge that doesn't seem to be getting any easier! I always feel great once I'm there getting started, but that first act of sitting up in bed takes all I have. And everyday as I leave, I am grateful that I came. I never leave the studio thinking, "well, that was a waste of time" or wondering why I keep coming. It is apparent by my smile. I'm yoga stoned every time.

Today the studio was full. Usually there are about 15 or so folks rotating in and out during mysore style. Then on Fridays and Sundays are led classes, which usually have about 30 folks at most. There are two rooms, one for working and one for cooling down, shavasana, meditation etc... Today both rooms were full of people working! That's almost 40+ people. At 6AM on a Wednesday? Seems strange, but great nonetheless.

We have a facebook page for the Ashtanga folks at our studio and someone commented the other day that we were very lucky to have such a great practice for a place like Louisville. I still don't know very much about Ashtanga, but this particular person seemed to think that having so many dedicated folks, a teacher trained by Jois, and even some people working on intermediate series was really special outside of CA or NY. I know that I'm so thankful that it's here. And it's only mere blocks from my house!

So, just show up. That's my motto. If I can just get my butt into the lab before 9AM I'm pretty productive. And if I can just be here for my little girl that's usually enough. Being present. It's the best that I have to give.


B. Miller said...

"Yoga stoned" made me laugh...

Doing what's good for you is always hard at first. There are days where I just DON'T. WANT. TO WRITE. But I still push myself, and I'm happy every time. It's like eating vegetables or passing up soda for a glass of ice water... hard, but rewarding once you get past the "eh" stage, right? At least that's what I keep telling myself.

Good luck and keep at it! You're doing great. :D

Dan said...

To an amazing extent, the world is run by those who just show up. So hang in there, keep showing up, and you will make a significant contribution to the world.


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