And... we're back

Been doing a bit of traveling these past couple of weeks. After school let out I and a couple of friends and their kids went to St. Louis to visit the city museum and hang out for a day or two. (That's the arch above) The city museum is incredible and I would recommend taking a trip to St. Louis just to go there. A great time was had by all.

We then rode up to Madison, Wisconsin this past weekend to visit a good friend who's finally back in the states. We did all the requisite; farmers market + cheese curds, student terrace + beer, state street + ice cream. A dairy lover's paradise. Madison is a really cool town. It was so great to visit with my long lost pals too!

Of course there's nothing like traveling to put you back in mind of eating lots of fresh veggies, so hard to obtain on the road. I was glad to get our new CSA this week which contained in addition to the usual greens, some pattypan squash, green beans and beets!

Now it's nose back to the grindstone, at least for a couple of weeks until Grandma camp and then we'll be off again to a wedding in July. At the end of summer we'll be taking a trip to Chicago for the International climbing championships and then a family jaunt out west to visit the redwoods. Quite a bit of excitement I must say!

It was really great to get back to yoga this morning. I've finally been given a new pose to work on bhuja pidasana Very happy to be moving forward finally, but I will probably be here for awhile. I was fired up at 7, now it's 9:30 and I must drag myself into the lab... what to do about my dissertation? I'm having trouble getting started on my proposal. Right now my advisor is pushing for me to get my experiments ready and start testing. But I feel like I should really get the project approved before I do that. Of course, this requires about 40 hours of writing. Okay, so I will do that. Gotta keep going.

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