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So it turns out, for those of you who may not know this, that it is not up to my adviser what happens to his grant if he decides to leave. It's up to the department. They can choose to not allow it to continue, which may not be in their best interest, since it is making money. Or they can assign someone else to take it over. But that person has to agree to do it. This little bit of information was what convinced me that I shouldn't put any faith in the fact that the grant will be around even for a year. So, in as covert a fashion as possible I spoke with the other prof in my lab about putting me onto his grant. He said that was fine but that for political reasons I may want to consider switching and taking him as my mentor instead. Again, he knows nothing about what's going on. I'm actually glad that he suggested it. I'm thinking that it might be the best choice for me.

On another note, tonight the Oak man told our daughter a funny little Zen story that he'd told me when we first met.

"once there was a man who had a son and a horse. The horse ran away, and all the people in the village said 'how sad, what bad luck' but the man said, 'who's to know what's good or bad?' Then the horse returned and brought with it a wild horse, all the people said 'oh, what good luck you have that now you have two horses!' but the man said again 'who's to know what's good or bad?' His son went out to break the horse and was thrown and broke his leg. The townspeople said 'oh no, what bad luck that your only son was injured' the man said 'who knows?' Then the army came and took all the young men in the village to war. Except the son, because his leg was broken."

This story can go on as long as you like, but the point is that a situation is only how you judge it. Who knows? Maybe this will turn out to be a better situation for me in the long run.


B. Miller said...

I totally agree! Learning to shift your perceptions and let go of preconceived notions is so liberating. I'm learning to take each day as it comes and make every single day as good as it can possibly be. Well, that's my goal anyway. I bet this is going to be a great change for you in the long run. Because you'll MAKE it that way! :D

Grad School Drama said...

Ultimately, it has to be a good thing... meaning, it may redirect your path but, then, maybe walking in another direction is exactly where you are intended to go. And, I totally agree with B. Miller... you get the CHANCE to make it that way! How amazing and wonderful... oh surrender... isn't it the most powerful and difficult?

I love my yoga practice... it is Classical Yoga taught in a particular series by my Teacher... love it... but, sometimes... sometimes I visit another class or another style, and I come to a posture that is in my Classical series... but the new class (perspective/path) allows me to experience the pose in a brand. new. way. Oh, I love those moments... even if it means I don't like this other practice as much as my "home" practice.


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