Things I have learned

(in the past five years)

1. Hard work beats talent. Every. single. time.

2. Do it now and your life will be much easier.
(whatever it is you're putting off)

3. With parenting, as soon as you figure it out, they will change

4. As a parent, silliness is a good answer to most situations
(it is unlikely you will ever know the exact right thing to say or do, but laughter is almost always welcome)

5. In life, silliness is a good answer to most situations

6. Marriage is challenging. But it's worth it.

7. Surround yourself with people that have a positive influence on you.

8. Distance yourself from the ones that don't
(don't waste time trying to change people - unless they are REALLY worth it - but not if they're hurting you)

9. Your 30s are a good time to start taking care of yourself.

10. No matter what age, you will never stop learning, growing and changing.
Embrace the change!

1 comment:

B. Miller said...

Nice list! I particularly identify with #'s 7 and 8... it's so very, very true. And # 9 has been an eye opener for me over the last couple years as well.

Thanks for sharing!!


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