shoulder opener

Okay folks who sit in front of a computer all day - try this out. Seven minutes to good posture. Ready? energize!


B. Miller said...

I think I could maybe possibly do this with a mannequin. Made of Silly Putty. That's been microwaved.

That is all.


Grad School Drama said...

Awww! The beautiful thing about yoga is that there is no such thing as a perfect pose... that AND a belt or tie is really (really) helpful for this if your shoulders are too tight... OR just don't grab your hands behind your back!

But I just did this after typing for most of the day, and I'm already sitting up more easily and comfortably. My whole shoulder area (I swear) just said "ahhhhh" when I was done.

Try it!! Just tryyyy... :)

maepress said...

true, it does help to have a belt or band to grab onto. I'm going to be teaching this sequence to a bunch of tree climbers on monday, and they are all so inflexible they will laugh at me. Ha Ha!


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