needing vitamin D

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Everything is lush green around me, but the sky is completely gray. And this is how I feel. Full of beauty and possibility with something ominous hanging over my head. Deep breath.

At practice this morning I found my mind bouncing all over the place and my balance was so off. The worst that it's ever been actually. I found myself wondering why. I didn't do anything unusual yesterday, got enough sleep last night. One thing popped into my head though, was that I ate meat yesterday for the first time in months. I've been worrying a little about vitamin and mineral deficiencies. My fingernails always show tell tale signs, they have deep ridges at the moment, and one little white spot. The spot means I need more zinc, and the ridges are likely iron. I drank a lot of alcohol over the weekend which would explain the zinc, and the lack of meat well- unfortunately that probably explains the iron. I think I will start taking a supplement again, and trying a little harder to incorporate more legumes and leafy greens. I slack off and start to rely too much on bread and cheese. Also, supposedly a good trick is to eat a source of vitamin C along with the iron. So I made a delicious lentil and brown rice pilaf for lunch. I wish I could take a photo, but we left our camera at a friend's house and need to pick it back up. Anyway, I will continue to try to be vegetarian, but I think I may have to have a little meat now and then. I try to get local free range meat, it's pretty easy to find.

One good thing, my chaturanga does feel like it's getting better and better. Probably 50% of them (there are many, many of them during one practice) feel almost perfect. The other half feel slumpy and sloppy. But it's an improvement! The whole sequence of jumping back, lowering to chaturanga, then rolling into up dog all seems so simple, but it is not. This is a great post on the proper way to do chaturanga.


Claudia said...

congratulations on the improvements!, and thanks for that link, very interesting

B. Miller said...

A lot of people wrinkle their nose at tofu, but if you prepare it correctly it's really delicious. Also, there's a decent "meat substitute" called Quorn. They have breaded and "naked" "chicken breasts" and their meatballs are really good. There's also the Morningstar recipe crumbles... those are great for chili and spaghetti sauce and tacos.

I dated a vegetarian for six years, so I kind of became veggie-by-proxy... I know some really good recipes, if you'd like to exchange. My point is, there are lots of delicious veggie things out there that will give you protein and iron and you don't have to just eat cheese and bread! :D

Good luck!


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