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Five days of sun is a record for this city. I'm ecstatic! Had such a good led class this morning. I'm amazed at how what used to drag by now flies. I can hardly believe it when I reach the finishing sequence. I guess my teacher is waiting until I get a little better at the Marichyasanas until I can go on. I guess, it's hard to know what she's thinking sometimes. But I feel very far from getting D that's for sure. Here's a nice photo of what it should look like:

I can see the possiblity on the left side, I'm almost there. I can get into if my teacher pulls my arms into position. It's great, she actually props her foot on my leg and pulls my arm into position. Seems brutal, but it's really not. So much of these poses are just getting past the mental aspect of "there's no way my body's going to do that!"

One small victory of today was that I felt my hair brush the floor on prasarita padottanasana. Here's a lovely shot of that one:

For some reason, the idea of pushing through the bottom of the feet while pulling the hands really resonated with me today. I could feel that I was going deeper into all of the poses which utilizes this. There is this often in yoga, a simultaneous pushing and pulling, or pulling in opposite directions. I just love Ashtanga. It's not the type of yoga necessarily, just the devotion and intensity required. It is exactly what I need.

Small victories are so important to celebrate during a PhD program. Whatever you can feel joyful about, take it. This practice is really helping me remain joyful even while other aspects of my life are very taxing.

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Claudia said...

congratulations on feeling the floor on the prasarita. And isn't it great how the practice helps with the other areas of life? I dont know what I would do without it... and you being in a phd program, I bet your plate is full!!! :-)


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