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What a Drag
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It's raining again today, so I'm fantasizing about riding about town on my bike in stylish sundresses. One great blog and photographer who captures the pure joy of this is Copenhagen Cycle Chic. Above is one of my favorites, she is so stylish, even with the cute little baby seat on the back.

or this one - great style, and functional

That's what's so wonderful about the idea behind his work, he is showing that you don't have to be a "squid" to enjoy biking around town. (you know, the one's with the thousand dollar bikes and the spandex?) Biking should be a lifestyle, but a cool one, a stylish and laid back one. And one that can include anyone. I'm optimistic about the bike culture in the US. I think that it is slowly gaining popularity. I see a lot of progress here in the Ville - but we still have a long way to go. Expansive bike lanes are probably not in our future, but we are getting more and more skinny ones! And there's all sorts of plans underway for more bike friendly progress. It's good for everyone, less pollution, more exercise, maybe even less sprawl because people want to live closer to the city. win win. We are having a big election for a new Mayor, I hope that whoever wins appreciates the importance of implementing these types of plans, and improving mass transit. Meanwhile, I'll stick to the backstreets and try to come up with a plan for toting my big kid and dog around. Perhaps like this?

*** And by the way, despite the cold and rain, I had a fantastic Mysore style practice this morning! Very meditative, and the energy was really great in the room. I was able to do a headstand with NO HELP!

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B. Miller said...

They do have "kid trailers" that attach to bicycles... something to think about.

I haven't ridden a bike in years. I've been thinking about getting a new one but I'm so frickin broke all the time. I guess it's a matter of saving for your priorities, eh?

Hope the sun comes out for you soon.

You should stop by my blog today... got some cool pics of a carnival and a song by the Arcade Fire. :)


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