Had an awesome practice today! I felt strong and coordinated. Not one moment was I feeling like "get me out of here." It was a led class, which was perfect for me today after taking a week off. And the instructor smiled as I was leaving saying that I am doing well in the class. Lots of people that I didn't recognize today too. I always wonder about them. There is a core group that is there everyday, and then these folks that seem to just come every once in awhile. Anyway, I wish that we could have some sort of Ashtanga potluck so I could meet everyone and learn their stories. Tomorrow it's back to work, back to having a normal schedule. It was a relief to get back to class today, I wish I felt the same way about school. But, I'm going to try to keep a positive attitude. Going to do some gardening today, it's a really beautiful day.

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