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Had an awesome practice today. My instructor finally gave me the finishing poses to work on, I'd been wondering when I would get to try those. I still have a few more of the seated poses to learn, and then I'll have the entire primary sequence! Well, and I have to learn how to do a headstand. That makes me a bit nervous, I've never been great at the whole upside-down thing. Again, the arm strength thing. But I'm definitely getting stronger and stronger. I even noticed today that my arm is giggling a little bit less when I dry my hair. :)

Yesterday was really inspiring. Getting to meet a researcher who's work I've been following is always fun. It feels the same as meeting a celebrity. The scientific community is funny that way, a lot of people might know who you are, but only from a certain group. She was also a really terrific person, and so excited about her work that you had to get excited too. She is studying brainstem functioning in musicians, and finding that the accuracy of the response of the brainstem to sounds is predictive of how well people can hear in noise, read and learn. Fascinating stuff. Now I have all kinds of new stuff to read.

On the home front, we have an appointment with a family therapist. I think that this will be a good thing. I'm not exactly looking forward to it, but I am hoping that it will be helpful.

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B. Miller said...

Hope things work out and all goes well. Glad you had a good time meeting your colleague!


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