Okay folks, I'm posting this using an iPad. It's not my own, it belongs to my dad who loves all things apple. And really has since the very beginnings of the company. So far it's a little tricky. I don't know if I would really enjoy writing on it all the time. Although I suppose I could get used to it. It's been fun playing with it (although I have to admit that I had no idea how many things I liked used flash). It is totally wonderful for reading blogs, newspapers and magazines. That alone makes me very happy because I love print magazines and newspapers and although I'm sad to see them go, I realize that they must. However this device makes me feel like there's still hope for those types of media. Especially if they make good use of the medium, like NPR is. I'm still happy with my laptop (I'm having a lot of trouble getting this Into a comfortable typing position right now). Will it change the world? Not yet anyway. Is it a totally sweet new gadget? Yup.

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B. Miller said...

Very cool!! Always fun to have a new toy to play with. I was thinking about an iPad but I want to wait until they work some bugs out of its system. I'm more interested in, say, iPad 3.0. I just have too little money to buy something like that without waiting to see if it's a. going to catch on and b. going to work on a regular basis, ya know?


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