missed practice

Today is the first day that I opted not to go to the studio. I am fighting some serious allergies and slept terribly, up at 2, then at 3, then 5. Not breathing. I was awake in time for class, sitting on the edge of the bed thinking... should I, shouldn't I? Tough decision, but I decided my body needed some sleep instead. One of the serious drawbacks to living in the Ohio Valley. Everyone I know has allergies. I've never had them before in my life until coming here. But for four days now I've been congested, throat burning,headaches, yuck. It's a beautiful day though, the first day of April. Trying to come up with some good jokes to play on my loved ones :)

It is my intention to continue my practice while on vacation. Getting up at 6 and running through what I know of the sequence everyday. I got an ashtanga manual from the library to take with me. This will be a challenge because I know that the fun parts of going to my parents house are staying up late chatting, and drinking of course, sleeping in while my parents play with SG, just generally lazing around. But I really want to be diligent and not break the stride that I've achieved at this point. I genuinely think today was a good exception though, I found myself incredibly tired and short tempered yesterday - it was not pleasant.

Things are moving along on my project at school - I think I am beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Granted, that will probably be the harsh light of many rewrites, but that at least feels like progress. Unlike the countless numbers of analyses that I've performed at this point. Which really just feel like some sort of spiraling descent into madness. I know that sounds dramatic, but well - it's how I feel.

Tomorrow is led class, I will make it. It will be a good practice, then I can rest again on Saturday.


B. Miller said...

I bet the dock on the lake would be a great place for some morning meditation and yoga (as long as you have a mat to work on).

Good luck on your project! I hope it goes well.

Feel better!!

Even said...

I have never had allergies ever and then yesterday I was just knocked out. I had to take the day off (I didn't have any appointments anyway). My head just felt like it was in a cooler filled with cotton. I guess it's just because we broke that 80 degree mark and things are coming back to life.

maepress said...

Yes, they say that if you live here long enough, you'll develop them. Thankfully, I think only tree pollen bothers me, so it's just for a week or two in the spring.

That's a great idea about the dock B.! I'll have to try that.


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