Garden Update

This weekend I had the pleasure of attending a plant swap at my friend Cabrina's house. She is a schoolteacher and a master gardener and an all-around incredible person. Lots of folks came over, brought seeds, cuttings and starts and all kinds of delicious brunchy foods.

Then it was basically a free for all! I got an heirloom tomato, and a Montreal Nutmeg Melon. Not exactly sure how to take care of it yet, but the history is pretty interesting. I also got some broccoli romanesco, kohlrabi, and a raspberry. It was great fun. Here's a shot of her awesome new chicken coop.

This is one thing that's just cracking me up this spring. Here, in the middle of a bustling city, I now know five families that are raising chicks in their backyards! I have two friends that are puppeteers that have had chickens for awhile. Then we were over at our friends house the other day, and they had just gotten theirs, which were named frittata, empanada, quesadilla, and dumpling :) Our neighbors two doors down, a hippy fammily with four kids, two cats and a dog, got four chicks and painted their coop all swirly and pretty.
They of course have no plans to eat the chickens and will just have them as pets! A fellow tree climber that works for Limbwalker got chickens last year, and from what I hear, built a super cool run and coop for them.
Then finally Cabrina, who always does everything well - is raising six and I'm sure they will be happy, healthy and delicious! I'd love to get in on the chick raising wagon, but feel like I don't really have the time or energy. I'll just have to live vicariously through all my fellow urban farmers! (And hope for some extra fresh eggs)
I think I'll make it a little project in the next couple of weeks to go around and photograph all my friends' coops. I'll post them here.


B. Miller said...

I would love to have chickens! But I bet they're a ton of work. This is why I love my cats. They're EASY. Feed 'em once a day, make sure their water fountain is full, and scoop the boxes every other day. I bet chickens are much more involved!

Scribbler said...

that coop is amazing! and i'm totally zoned too....


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