Felling guilt

(I was raised Catholic after all)

I have now gone three days without yoga :( Today was nothing more than just feeling lazy, because it's only 50 degrees and raining outside. It was more fun to cuddle.

I am also discovering that my love of cheese is contributing significantly to the amount of fat that I"m eating. I think I need to try to keep it to once a day. (Today it was three times, four different types of cheese, that's no joke!) It's just funny to me, I think about not eating cookies and ice cream, but cheese? Hand it over!! It's especially hard since I'm not eating meat, it's an easy protein to add to whatever I'm eating. And calcium too. I just so easily go overboard with it. It's interesting, many vegan blogs and books claim that there are real addictive properties in cheese. That the casein actually breaks down into a morphine like substance. I'm not totally sure how scientifically valid these claims are though. It certainly feels addictive. And there are certainly a lot of hormones in milk that mother's are passing to their children during nursing, in order for the babies to continue to suckle, and to get sleepy. It's something to think about. There are entire continents that eat virtually no dairy. For the record, here's a short list of some plant based sources of calcium. I think adult women are supposed to shoot for 1000mg a day.

Food: Serving Size: Calcium

Collard greens 1 cup, boiled 357 mg

Fortified soymilk 1 cup 368 mg

Black-eyed peas 1 cup, boiled 211 mg

Firm tofu 1/2 cup 204 mg

Calcium-fortified OJ 6 oz 200 mg

Blackstrap molasses 1 Tbsp 172 mg

Baked beans 1 cup, canned 154 mg

Kale 1 cup, cooked 94 mg

Chinese cabbage 1 cup, raw 74 mg

Oranges 1 cup 72 mg

Almonds 1 oz 70 mg

Anyway, it's a gray, cold, crappy day. I made some oatmeal cookies and ate a lot of cheese, and didn't really get any exercise. Tomorrow is another day. Hopefully one with sun!!

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