Dawn at the Downs

This morning we got up at 6:30 and headed down to the track to watch the horses practice. We met a few friends with kids and got to sip coffee and chat while we saw a few of the new names making their rounds. Homeboykris and Paddy O'Prado were two of my favorites.(names I mean, I know nothing about the actual horses!) It was a chilly morning, but sunny. I always forget how beautiful Churchill Downs is. They go to great pains to have the flowers blooming on SATURDAY, and everything is just picturesque. Of course, it helps that there were no crowds or chaos either. One of these years I'll make it down there for the actual Derby, but for now I'm content to place bets at various parties and yell at the television! Ack, got to get to work, it's already 11:00! Slacking today, I needs ta get some shit done!

1 comment:

B. Miller said...

How cool! Drink a mint julep for me.

Get dat shit done darlin! Have a great afternoon. ;)


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