Day 3

Not sure at the moment how long I'll keep up the daily updates on my progress, but here's day three! I woke up sort of foggy, and felt that way through the practice. It was just sort of a "get through it" morning. My muscles felt pretty weak. Once again though, I felt exhilarated afterward, and noticed the sky was a little lighter than yesterday on my way home. Spring is really the perfect time to be starting this!

My instructor gave me some pointers on chaturanga, which should look like this.

I've always like this pose, but it takes a lot of upper arm strength, which I'm a little short on. The pointers she gave me (look up, keep your elbows in and don't drop your pelvis) really helped a lot. Then she went on to say, at first it may feel better, then it will feel horrible, and then you'll not even notice it. Hmm, interesting. For some reason, I've always imagined Chaturanga as meaning crocodile and think that this pose looks like a crocodile. Some people call it plank pose. It literally translates to four-limbed staff. And apparently in India it is also a game which may be the ancestor to chess.

One thing that has also been great about this practice is that it's making me go to bed at a decent hour, and I don't really want to have a nightcap, because of how I may feel in the morning. So it's having an effect on the rest of my day too. I can tell I have more patience too. Which may just come from doing any kind of exercise, but I like to think that yoga is a spiritual practice and not just exercise. I will write more on that another day.


B. Miller said...

Very interesting... thanks for the link, too. (Already wondering if I can put that into a story somewhere, heh) Congrats on your progress! You're doing great. And you're right - it's a great season to do this kind of thing!

pixie658 said...

Love that you are blogging about the poses. I adore yoga, so it's nice to see someone discuss each pose like this. Go you!

Ursula said...

you have a wonderful blog btw. May your blog support your Asthanga practice. That's how it is with me, too and it is very supporting.


Perhaps you like to join ashtangi.net . Ashtanga yoga bloggers are united there. :)


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