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I have high ambitions for this weekend. New curtains to be sewn, a kitchen to be put back in order (it's been painted, new lights, and it's an incredible world of difference!) I'm planning to bake granola bars, again. SG and I go through a box of TLC bars a week and I cringe every time I throw it in the recycling - if only I could make some that are as good! If anyone has a great granola bar recipe do let me know. I'd also love to make these. I might start some seeds - not sure about that one. Every year I wonder if it's worth it to start them indoors, or just wait a month and throw them in the ground? Mostly I'd just like to be growing something right now! And the farmer's market tomorrow, oooh I can't wait. I promise to put my cousin's baby hat in the mail that I knit over a month ago. Let's see, what else? Big brunch on Sunday, and volunteering with the puppeteers. I should go to sleep, it's 12:30. I've just got spring fever! I'm daydreaming about cookouts and flowers...sitting with friends on the porch sipping cool drinks...lazy bike rides through the park... it was 70 degrees today- can you tell?

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